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We develop a new standard in the security industry
because we....

.... reinforce the doors

With NoWay Security's patent-pending lock protection the door's strength and stiffness increases and reduces the risk of burglary. For optimum safety the locking protection is mounted on both the inside and outside.
The Lock protection can be used in conjunction with the existing lock cylinder and is easy to install.

.... provide economic

NoWay Security's special solution simplifies installation, resulting in savings of several hundred, maybe even thousands of SEK compared with other locking systems. The locking protection can be combined with a wide range of cylinders available in the market and are suitable for all wood-, fire- and securitydoors.

.... save energy

The NoWay Security lock protection with eco-set, minimizes dirt and particles trapped in the locking system due to underpressure. It also prevents rain and moisture from entering the door where it can cause damage. The seal assembly reduces noise and saves energy. The locking protection is available in glossy and matte chrome or polished and matte gold.

.... certify

The NoWay Security lock protection is security-classified
as part of the locking device in Class 3 according to SS 3522.

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